TL;DR movie reviews: NH10


Thou shalt not be fooled by this poster.


1. Anushka Sharma

To watch her emote a wide spectrum of emotions ranging from fear and grit to violent rage and resignation as well as everything in between in such a convincing manner was a treat.


2. Issues raised without being preachy

The film points to various social issues and ironies plaguing our society through subtle yet memorable scenes and symbolisms. Look out for them and indulge in post-movie intellectual conversations with fellow viewers 😉

3. Edge-of-the-seat entertainment

One of the few films of recent times which keeps the audience on tenterhooks right from the beginning to the very end. This is one movie which is not affected by Bollywood’s old foe, the “curse of the second half”.



1.  The twists and plot are predictable

Don’t go with an expectation to be mind-blown by the twists. Just enjoy the ride and the palpable fear that comes with it. 


2. Unconvincing bits of story line

At times, you may find yourself questioning the logic behind certain moves made by the characters in the film.


3. Stereotypes galore

A tangible distinction between the sensible, educated upper class and the ruthless, barbaric lower class is enhanced and reiterated in almost every scene. 



STARS: 3.5/5

THEATER OR HOME: Go and enjoy the thrill of watching all the action on the big screen.

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