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Working out with a little fun and fab

Almost 5 months into 2015 and we’re desperately clinging on to the last glimmers of hope left of our New Year’s resolution- to stay fit. With all the TV series, game seasons on full swing, it’s getting tougher. We understand and we’re here to help.

One thing we’re not going to focus on here is your DIET! If you’re old enough to read this, you’re old enough to know what’s healthy and not, so that will be your responsibility!

 We all agree that when you look good, you feel good. So here’s some of our personal workout inspirations and their hot picks on attires and regimes. 

The pretty petite who looks fabulous in anything!

Sandu workoutWhat she’s wearing

CottonOn Body




Pretty Decent. Pants may stretch slightly faster but in the war of cost vs. quality, it’s a good deal.

Where to buy

http://cottonon.com/SG/ (Note that not all CottonOn stores carry a CottonOn Body section, so call first before you visit :))

Apps she uses

Nike+ Running

Workout she swears by

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.54.43 pm

She’s a pro, so you can start with fewer reps on the squats 😉

Another favourite girl to admire for her dedication!


What she’s wearing

Dri-fit singlets from bods bodynits




Extremely Good. Long Lasting

Where to buy


Other wearables/accessories

Capris From CottonOn Body 

Adidas Climacool Shoes (http://shop.adidas.com.sg/)

[Or pretty much any place that sells Adidas Shoes, which are in plenty]

Mizuno Armband (http://www.amazon.com/)

iFitness Waistband for Phone/iPod (http://www.amazon.com/)

Fitbit Flex Tracker (http://www.amazon.com/)

Apps she uses

iDAT – Endomondo, Fitbit

Workout she swears by

3 runs per week (5-10 km);  Pilates bootcamp every Monday

This beach bod babe!

Trained Kathak dancer who still does classic and pop/Bollywood dancing regularly.  

Choice for Night Walks or Simple Home Exercise
Choice for Cardio at Home or Gym

What she’s wearing

All tops, sports bra and boardshorts from Billabong (Not all local stores carry these items but the equivalents are)

Tights from Giordano




Extremely Good.Colorful. Long Lasting

Where to buy

Giordano (http://sg.e-giordano.com/)

Billabong (http://www.billabong.com/asia/stores/sg )

Tip:They both have an outlet store at Anchorpoint, GOLD MINE for broke times!

Workout she swears by

Dancing! (Duh!)

Mix of stretches, cardio and ab workouts a few mins everyday.

For those days when time is tight but a workout is definitely due, try out this 15 mins workout. One of my absolute favourites! HASfit has other workout videos too, if you wish to check them out. Google 😉

Brazilian Angel

None of us would probably ever have those surf board abs of Gisele but Under Armour is kind enough not to make their amazing workout gear that exclusive.  Our verdict: $$/$$$, Great fits and Great Quality. Every girl’s dream workout wear!

Here’s where to shop: Under Armour, #B1-05 Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Rd.,, Singapore, 238858 Singapore / +656702-4918

ARC (Alexandra Retail Centre) along Alexandra Road carries outlet stores of New Balance and Royal Sporting House, you can buy great sporting brands for amazing prices. Also check out Queensway Shopping Centre for your sporting needs, also along Alexandra road.

Hopefully we added something exciting for you do continue on your fitness journey! If you need motivation , THINK ABOUT WHY YOU STARTED!


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