Prince George reacts to royal family scandals

Sorry guys for being MIA for a while now. We’ve all been pretty busy trying to keep up with life and focusing hard on avoiding that quarter-life crisis. But no matter what we’re busy doing we always always ALWAYS find time to follow up on the tiny Prince’s latest happenings. Whether he’s chilling with a Bilby in Sydney, or playing “Got your nose” with a young boy in the crowd we’re (not stalker-ishly) keeping tabs.


The young heir is growing up oh so fast and we’re trying to get in as many pics as we can before he grows up to follow in the footsteps of his crazy…. err, we mean royal.. ancestors. Ok let’s face it, his family does not fit the brief of your typical monarchy. Sure, there may be fairytale weddings, flashy tiaras and royal trips to foreign lands, but it also comes with a side dish of sleazy affairs, shocking confessions and tell-all interviews. How exactly will George react when he grows up and inherits not just the royal throne but also the scuttlebutt?  Here’s a quick preview:

1. The time when great-great uncle Edward decided to abdicate the throne and marry an American divorcee-


Well, guess who’s inheriting those countries you didn’t want? 😛

2. The moment when Grandpa Charles forgot he was wearing a microphone and cussed out the BBC reporter covering the royal ski trip- 


3. When the famous Buckingham guards failed to prevent a break-in at the palace and a civilian almost marched into the sleeping Queen’s bedroom-


You peasants better stay far, far away from my family, or else….

4. The time when Uncle Harry dressed up in a military uniform with a swastika arm band, for a party-

What the..!?

5. And then again when he was caught drunk and naked at a Las Vegas party-


Mum, may I please borrow some of your hair to hide behind. I can’t even…

6. When Grandma Di’s riding instructor divulged details about their five-year-long affair-


Great, now the baby’s scared too!

7. When Great-aunt Fergie tried to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew and other royals for 500,000 pounds-


Bat-shit crazy, that one.

8. The moment when George realizes that Grandpa Charles initially dated Grandma Di’s sister-

prince-george-faces (1)

9. When the sleazy details of Grandpa Charles’ and then-mistress Camilla’s phone conversations emerged in the media-


OMG get me outta here!

10. When Prince George saw the pics of his uncle Harry photographed wearing pink knickers-


 Ew no! My eyes are burning!



Pardon me Miss, but your family is nuts.

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