From Japan, with Love…

I was flipping through channels on the telly last night and came across this news segment showing hundreds of tourists enjoying the cherry blossom season in China. I was instantly fixated on this scenic beauty. Fleeting thoughts crossed my mind and I started reminiscing about the many iconic, Japanese inspired fashion accessories to hit the markets over the years (some I have and many more on my wishlist).

The very first one would be Yayoi Kusama. I was introduced to her by Louis Vuitton in 2012 – the ad campaign was quite unique for this collaboration. This multimedia artist is obsessed with polka dots – big or small – they are always in season for this unusual and very talented red-head. While I think her creations are flirtatious and yet spunky, I don’t think you can own more than one. Let’s be real- polka dots hand bags don’t go with everything.

louis vuitton collection by japanese artist yayoi kusama

The legend herself!

A very geometric and circular affair..

And this one tops my wishlist

And while we are talking about Louis Vuitton, who can forget the Murakami collection. Again, a great Japanese artist with love for colour. I personally think these designs are more wearable than the Kusama collection. Well let me rephrase, they are more wearable if you have appetite for heavy and colorful monograms.

The classic – a kitschy weekend traveller

Prints from the cosmic blossom collection.. I am a bit bleh on the flowers and the cherries though (too grandma-ish)?

Now comes probably the world’s most popular Japanese, Issey Miyake! My first exposure to this creative genius was through his collection of perfumes.


The creative genius himself!

His designs have reached above and beyond what many designers reach. Though he has taken a step back and now dedicates his time to research, his vision for his brand continues to live on.

Interesting Fact: Issey Miyake produced hundreds of his black turtlenecks for Steve Jobs which went onto becoming his signature piece of clothing.


Pop of Colour in his fall 2013 collection.

It is incredibly difficult to simplify his designs and inspirations. They cover a myriad of colours, shapes and sizes. I suppose his prints are generally NOT floral would be a comment to describe his work. He also enjoys creating very geometric garments that are extremely captivating.


Triangles have never looked better! From the SpringSummer 2014-15 collection


Not quite sure how to carry this outside a runway but isn’t it still so captivating?

Two words that could do justice in capturing Issey Miyake in his true designer essence would be, “Pleat Genius”! No one does pleats quite like he does.

Pleats Please_cardigan

A Cardigan from his Pleats Please collection!

If you aren’t impressed with his clothing designs, I assure you, what is to follow will definitely make you fall in love! In my bucket list of must buy accessories!

Bao Bao_edelscope

Aren’t they amazing or what?!

Check out the rest of the Bao Bao collection via the following link. I spent a while browsing. There’s an array of colours, sizes and there’s just too many to choose from!

Hollywood celebrities do love them some Issey Miyake!

Issey_Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles rocking a white sheer dress by Issey Miyake!

Issey_Mary Kate

Mary Kate Olsen in Vintage Issey Miyake!

Issey Miyake is one of my absolute favourites and clearly I can go on for days discussing how much I love his work. But, I suppose this is enough insight to get you interested and you may now carry on your own research 😉

What follows next is a brand that became an absolute hit through their iconic heart. Say hello to Comme Des Graçons!

Comme De garcon_heart_amazonaws

Their work expands the perfume and apparel industries too but what they are most popular for is their accessories! 


For a little bit of colour and class 😀

Comme Des Graçons is the creative baby of Rei Kawakubo. She heads the label along with her husband Adrian Joffe. Strangely, the brand name stands for “like boys” in French. Despite the rather un-Japanese name, the label has brought much pride to Japan.

Rei Kawakubo; living high fashion!

The fashion shows are rather eccentric, but the creativity and class is undeniable.


Eccentric fashion definitely attracts Lady Gaga! Looking rather uncomfortable unlike the model though 😛


Next level Colour-blocking!


A few from the 2009 fall collection. A little dark and gloom.

For lack of a better term, their most ‘realistic’ wear would be the men’s casual wear collections.

Simple, cute and comfortable…

Following is my personal favourite! The signature heart makes for the cutest set of sneakers! Now this screams Japanese!


Only a couple from their awesome sneaker collection!

Kenzo! This feels more like a special mention since it’s more of a French Luxury house but the artist behind it is the very Japanese, Kenzo Takada!

Kenzo Takada- The Kenzo Architect!

I would be right to say that like Issey Miyake, Kenzo’s signature product is the FLOWERbyKenzo perfume!

The iconic bottle that is the ultimate representation of the brand!

Besides the heavy price tag, the Kenzo clothing range is rather ‘wearable’ by anyone.

So Chic and Classy! Simplicity is surely the ultimate sophistication!
Not just for girls, Kenzo has cool casuals for men too!

Diversifying from Perfume to Clothing, Kenzo has some cool accessories too!

Celebrities love them some Kenzo too! Laverne Cox with a Kenzo Golden Yellow Kalifornia Bag.

If you’re a fan of J-pop, you know that fashion is almost synonymous with the Japanese culture now and there’s so much more to look forward to. Here’s just a teaser!

A glimpse of J-pop fashion..

Japan surely knows how to fashion right and we can’t wait to see what else the future brings.

Which artist has you enchanted?

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