TL;DR movie reviews: Katti Batti

katti batti

Disclaimer: The reviewer could not sit through this film and walked out much before the end to drown her sorrows in ice cream. To put things in perspective, she has been known to tolerate even the most ridiculous of movies like Mausam, Drona and What’s your Rashee. Katti Batti ranks even lower. Much, much lower.


1. The music –

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have done a wonderful job composing catchy tunes which provide a frequent breather during moments of unfathomable monotony in the movie.

2. The trailer-

It pretty much encompasses all the worthy scenes from the film. We recommend you stick to watching just that along with some of the music videos. The rest is a clear waste of time, money and brain cells. 

3. The intent-

We’re going to give Mr. Advani the benefit of doubt here because we kind of get where he was going with this movie. A fun, modern, sometimes emotional rom-com is probably what he was hoping to achieve but somewhere along the line he lost his wits and asked the editors to just mash together bits and pieces and come up with some semblance of a film that he can present. We hope this doesn’t deter future filmmakers from exploring the storyline of a casual live-in relationship, so we’re giving plus points for spirit. 


1. The Flashbacks- 

The movie may have been (that’s a strong MAY) watchable if it was presented to us in proper sequence. Instead, the makers felt that constantly jumping from past to present was necessary to confuse the audience further and fool them into believing that this is in fact, a brilliant film since they can’t even keep up. Not everyone can achieve the ‘Inception’ phenomenon, Nikhil. 


2. The Unnecessary cliches-

The office bombshell, heavily-accented South Indian boss, an old Parsi Aunty, overly involved friends/sidekicks, jealous ex-boyfriends, a pet animal hogging the limelight in all scenes… Serious overkill! Bollywood, if you really must, pick a maximum of two cliches per movie and roll with it. 

3. The Plot-

As in, it does not exist. It’s just a clumsy assortment of random scenes, clueless actors and a turtle. 


Kangna: “Sorry imran. Even I couldn’t save your career.”


Stars: 1/5 

When to watch: You know that Monday morning moment when you just don’t want to go into work so you need to lie to your boss about a migraine? Then you realize that you can’t lie to save your life so you need to somehow develop an instant headache in 5 minutes flat. That’s the only appropriate time to watch this film.


The moment when you realize that the family’s acting business dies with you.


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