TL;DR movie reviews: Talvar



1.The narrative style

Remoulding real-life incidents into a palatable form for the celluloid is no easy feat. There’s the danger of it being painfully detailed, boring and documentary-like. Or worse, melodramatic, given the nature of the crime this was based on. Talvar is neither. It’s sharply crafted.

2. Humour

Wry humour is used efficaciously as tool to bring out the entire mockery of justice done in this case. This prevents the movie from being too intense but at the same time gets the message across. There are some scenes that will make you laugh out loud and then stab you with a feeling of guilt and disgust.

3. Performances

Irrfan Khan is terrific (what’s new?). Each person played their part to a tee Apart from the main leads, having lesser known faces helped in keeping the focus on the story telling. 


1.  A minor pointless subplot

There’s a very minor subplot involving an accomplished actress that delves into the personal life of Irrfan Khan (an investigating officer) which seemed a little pointless. It neither added to the story nor did it reveal anything useful about the character. Thankfully the actress is a delight to watch on screen! For that alone, you’ll find yourself excusing this minor glitch.

2. Pseudonyms

This case was so closely followed by the entire nation that the real names of the people involved are etched with an indelible print in our minds.The pseudonyms used to mask the names of the people and investigative bureaus were initially a little distracting. But that’s understandably unavoidable.

We’ll stop at that. The reviewer couldn’t think of any other con worth mentioning. It seems a little pointless to write about trivial misses that have no impact on the overall narrative. It’s an important movie that makes you think about the society we currently live in- where miscarriage of justice takes place even in the highest profile of cases. We strongly urge you to watch this.

Verdict: 4/5

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